When is the summit?

The Summit is taking place on 4 and 5 February 2021 between 8:45am and 5:30pm GMT. The sessions will be streamed as per London timezone. 

When will the programme be finalised?

By 1 January 2021 and we will send you a reminder so you can update your calendar for your must attend sessions.  

I registered for the first Virtual Pain Summit; do I need to register again?

We are hosting the event on an exciting new platform so yes please, you will need to register again. 

None of the banners I click in the lobby work.

These areas will start going live closer to the event. We’ll keep you up to date when they do via email. 

During the Summit

How do I access the Summit?

Once you have registered you can visit the Summit lobby to access the various areas such as the auditorium, exhibition and networking.  These will go live closer to the event and we’ll keep you up to date on this via email. 


There are two sessions I want to watch running at the same time, how do I do get to see them both?

You will need to purchase or upgrade to an access pass to watch one or both of the sessions after the event. 

Will you send me reminders about individual sessions?

Most of delegates for the first Virtual Summit preferred not receiving reminders for individual sessions so this option was withdrawn

Will I be able to download copies of the presentations?

Where presenters have provided these or other other resources we will make them available alongside their talk. 

Will there be closed captions on the videos?

Yes, there will be closed captions. Following feedback from previous summit, we have now improved the accessibility of our website. 

Session Recordings

Can I watch sessions after the event?

Free delegates have access to live sessions only. To watch sessions after the event please purchase or upgrade to an access pass which will give you access to the recordings for 6 months. 

I’ve purchased an access pass, how soon will I get access to the recordings?

The recordings will be available from the day after the summit.

Can I download the sessions to watch offline after the event?

The sessions will only be available through the Summit website. 

Get Involved

What is the conference hashtag?


Will I be able to pose questions to or chat with the speakers?

Some of our speakers will be taking part in our networking on the site and engaging on social media during the event.  For others, please send your questions to us at info@virtualpainsummit.com and we will collate and forward the questions to the speakers. 

How does networking work?

There are multiple levels of networking offered via the Summit website.

  1. Commenting on the live streams – All registered delegates will be able to comment and interact during the live streams.
  2. All Delegate List – VIP members will have access to the All Delegate List where they can reach out to and send friend requests (much like Facebook) to other delegates.
  3. Private messaging – VIP delegates can send private messages to their ‘friends’
  4. Virtual Summit Group – A private group (similar to a Facebook group) is available for all delegates to interact with other group members. All speakers will be invited to be members of this group. So it offers an opportunity for delegates to interact directly with speakers and organisers.

CPD Certificates

How can I get a CPD certificate?

CPD Certificates will be issued to All Access Pass 2021 delegates, please click here to upgrade

How long will it be before I receive my CPD certificate?

You will receive this via email within 2 weeks of the Summit. Please be patient as our admin team will work as fast as possible to send the certificates. 

I can’t log in to my account.

Please check that you are using the email address you registered with; you will have received a confirmation email.  You can reset your password using this link https://2021.virtualpainsummit.com/login/?action=reset_pass 

How do I get my free pacing ebook?

The free ‘Practical Strategies for Activity Pacing’ will be sent to all VIP All Access Pass delegates within 2 weeks of the Summit by email.

What is your refund policy?

Your registration may be transferred to a member of your organization up to 24 hours in advance of the conference.

* Refunds (minus a £15 processing fee) are available if cancellation is received before 5th January, 2021.
* No cancellations can be accepted after 5th January 2021 but voucher will be issued for attendance at a future RTW Plus Ltd. event

Please email or mail notice of cancellation to:

RTW Plus Ltd.

Tintagel House, 92 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TY

Phone: 0203 916 0091 Email: info@virtualpainsummit.com


I want to send feedback

We will be sending all delegates a feedback survey to complete after the event but you can also send us feedback to info@virtualpainsummit.com 

I have a question that’s not included here.

Please use the contact form or email us at info@virtualpainsummit.com 


We endeavour to respond to all queries within 48 hours.