This is a draft schedule and is subject to change. The final schedule will be published by 1st January 2021. 

04February, 2021
1Introduction & WelcomeDeborah Edwards , Dr Devdeep Ahuja 08:45 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
2Chronic Pain, Health & WorkProf. Ewan MacDonald, OBE 09:15 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
3Can learning from lived experience improve our understanding and treatment of pain?Joletta Belton 10:15 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
4Interventional Approaches to Pain ManagementDr Dawood Sayed 11:15 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
5EXERCISE BREAKDr Devdeep Ahuja 12:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
6Cultural aspects of painDr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson 12:45 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
7Experience at the coal face: working with chronic pain patients during Covid timesLaura Stewart 12:45 PMVS Ramachandran Theatre
8How to enhance human aspects of care in practice: acting beyond the biopsychosocial modelKarim Mescouto 13:45 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
9Are people living with chronic pain well served by existing healthcare services and policy? Jackie Walumbe 13:45 PMVS Ramachandran Theatre
10Mindfulness BreakDr Devdeep Ahuja 14:45 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
11Single Session Behavioural Medicine for Chronic PainDr Beth Darnall 15:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
12Enactive Approach to PainDr Peter Stilwell 16:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
13Sensory discrimination training for chronic painSue Jenkins 16:15 PMVS Ramachandran Theatre
14Summary and CloseDr Devdeep Ahuja 17:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
05February, 2021
1Introduction & WelcomeDr Devdeep Ahuja 08:45 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
2Spinal NeuromodulationDr Adnan Al-Kaisy 09:15 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
3TBCProf. Ann Taylor 10:15 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
4A mechanistic model of chronic pain managementDr Ian Brown, OBE 11:15 AMJohn Bonica Auditorium
5Exercise Break12:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
6LIVE PANEL DISCUSSIONMark Pew , Deborah Edwards , Dr Devdeep Ahuja 12:45 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
7Trauma Informed CareDr Deepak Ravindran 14:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
8Personal Experience of CRPSVictoria Abbot-Fleming 14:15 PMVS Ramachandran Theatre
9Exploring the relationship between depression and chronic pain: a stepped care approach to managementDr Matthew John Bair, MD 15:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
10Individualized self-management support in healthcare consultations.Dr Nathan Hutting 15:15 PMVS Ramachandran Theatre
11Functional Nutrition for Chronic PainDr Joe Tatta, PhD 16:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium
12Demystifying Fibromyalgia - key points for clinicians in understanding, assessing and managing this complex condition.Helen Roome 16:15 PMVS Ramachandran Theatre
13Summary and CloseDeborah Edwards , Dr Devdeep Ahuja 17:15 PMJohn Bonica Auditorium