The organising committee for the 2nd International Chronic Pain Virtual Summit (04 – 05 February 2021) is pleased to invite video abstract submissions from researchers on the themes related to the Summit.  

The three themes related to chronic pain are: 

  1. Science of Pain 
  2. Clinical Reflections
  3. Lived Experience 

The submissions must relate to primary or secondary research related projects at an academic equivalent standard (e.g. Bachelors/Masters/PhD) 

Abstracts will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with submissions ending on 30th November 2020.

Guidelines for Video Abstract Submission

Content of video abstracts 

Each video abstract MUST include the following information related to the topic of your submission.  

  • an introduction and rationale for to the topic (background) 
  • the objectives or goals 
  • methods  
  • the key findings 
  • an explanation for why the findings are important to the field of chronic pain 
  • at least one key take home point for the audience that might impact their practice tomorrow 

While a variety of formats are acceptable, clarity, conciseness, and engagement are crucial. The presentation should be understandable and accessible to users outside of the your immediate subject/field. of the article.  

Inclusion of additional relevant material such as animations and lab/ clinical footage is encouraged. Please check if any figures/animations are subject to copyright and, if so, ensure you have permissions to use these in your video. Do not include small text that will be difficult to read.  

Video abstracts will only be accepted in English. Authors should speak clearly and slowly when presenting their video abstract. Terms and conditions regarding the use and distribution of video abstracts will apply in line with the copyright statement of RTW Plus Ltd 

Length of video abstracts 

A video abstract submission will not exceed 4:00 minute duration. Any videos exceeding this duration will be disregarded.  

Technical specifications 

Video abstracts must meet minimum standards of quality for both video and audio components And meet the following In creating a video abstract, please meet the following specifications.
• Format: .mp4 
• Maximum file size: 1 GB
• Up to 4 minutes in duration 

Whilst it is always best to use professional video equipment to record your video abstract, we recognize that not all authors have access to such resources. If you have a mobile phone that produces reasonable quality video please feel free to use this.  

Before sending it to us always view the video yourself to ensure it is of adequate quality, ie. it is easy to see and hear everything on the video. Beware of lighting issues that mean you appear in silhouette.  

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